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A combination of greenery, water and bridges all around. Rajahmundry aka Rajamahendravaram proudly presents life that seems to revolve around Godavari, like any civilization around a river would.

There are 4 bridges over Godavari in Rajahmahendravaram, of which the old bridge(Havelock bridge) has been decommisioned.

The delta regions formed by the tributaries of Godavari are comprisingly called Konaseema and extremely green with fertile lands.

It is not fully developed as a touristy location, but probably should be. Information is limited and so are options.
Connected to major cities via road, rail and air. The recently expanded airport was primarily serving the rajahmundry-Hyderabad sector, with frequent cancellations in the Chennai or Bangalore sector. But it is seeing service additions in 2018 and hoping for continued improvements.
  • Godavari River - Omnipresent anywhere you drive around the city
  • Pushkar Ghat - By day and Night
  • Bridges - from Rajahmundry and Kovvur side
  • Plantations and Fields - Banana, Coconut, Sugarcane and Rice mostly
  • Brick Kilns
  • Amazing, expansive and inexpensive nurseries - Kadiyam
  • Temples-In addition to local temples, Rajahmundry also serves as a convenient location to visit other temples around-Bhadrachalam, Annavaram, Ainavilli, Antharvedi etc.
  • Boating in Rajahmundry
  • Boating in Dindi (Speedboat, Houseboat and Pontoon)
  • Walk the fields
  • Full day boat tours - Rajahmundry to Papikondalu
Lot of stay options exist, some by the river. Rajahmundry and Dindi are both good options for a decent stay.

Continental and Traditional food available. Fast food joints like Dominoes serve the city.

Don't miss local sweet favourites - Gangaraj palakova, Kaaja, Pootharekulu.


Also checkout the Rajamahendravaram Gallery.

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