Baked at Bekal

It made my list when the ’90s movie Bombay made it sensationally popular. Since then, I have seen the location in numerous movies and also heard about it from friends who visited. I kept looking for options, and brought up this location for both planned holidays and last minute vacation ideas. After several years of consideration, it became a reality in March 2017….and what an anti climax it was :(.

I have to say I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. Yes, it was March and heat and humidity in a coastal town should not have been a surprise. But there I was, fooled as much as anyone could be. There was no mossy green seductive fort or waves washing up romantically high. Instead, there was dull brown all around, with a temperature that could make omelettes on the fort walls. A sad mix of lonely greenery, was seen in patches here and there. I felt as betrayed as Manisha Koirala’s family was when she ran away with her lover to Bombay!

Since I was there anyways, made a few clicks. I think my photography skills might have unnecessarily elevated the value of this place.

Either the maintenance is a sad story, or it magically looks different in monsoons. In any case, in my opinion this is a place that is OK to visit if it’s on your way. I would not recommend it as a location to specifically plan for. Having visited many beautiful forts, this doesn’t make my list of must see forts.

Many seemed to have traveled to this destination only to spend a relaxing holiday at a nearby luxury resort.  Had I done that, my opinion could have been different. But I wanted to be there for the fort and had no interest in traveling all the way to hang out in a luxury resort.

Yes, I did bake in the bekal heat…and there was no icing on this cake!



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