Setting: On a riverbank with thick forests and wildlife around.

Visited - March 2017
Bheemeshwari is a beautiful setting on the banks of the River Cauvery, further upstream from Galibore. With you on this side of the river bank and a thick hilly forest on the other side of the river bank, the location is very similar to Galibore, except that crocodile spotting was much lesser. This is an Adventure and Nature camp.  

The landscape is strikingly different at different times of the year. March is low water season with rocks exposed, that you would never get to see if you go in season (with good water flow that is). I personally like the off season as there is more to see and observe when the water flow is low.  

Moving Around: Foot!
110Kms from Bangalore. Can take 2.5+Hours due to traffic and rustic access road conditions. No good road signs. After Kanakapura town, the major town to watch for is Halaguru. Don't hesitate to ask for direction frequently, else you will be doing a lot of U turns.
Amazing forest and River landscapes, Huge native trees, Wildlife (Crocodiles, Deer, Elephants, Jackals, Wild Boar, Birds, Fishes)  
Kayaking, Coracle rides, Trekking, Whitewater rafting (July-Nov, post monsoons only). Adventure activities like Ziplining, Elephant walk, Burma Loop etc. being run efficiently by Outback.Co.In.  

*Fishing is banned now. This was a well known fishing camp a few years ago.    

My experience is from the stay in the Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges. I am not aware of other options, but even if there are others, I strongly recommend the Jungle Lodges. Awesome accommodation, sumptuous food and extremely courteous staff - something to expect in any of the JLR properties. The Barbecue and Bonfire by the river bank is a thrilling and fun experience. Wild Boars will try to join your party, but the JLR staff are good at spotting and keeping them away.


I have seen some nasty reviews on the net about the food. This is a nature camp, not a luxury resort with global spread. The food is a mix of traditional regional cuisine and some extension. I personally think this is a luxury to have in the middle of the forest. Do not judge a fish by its ability to climb!

Know before you go:

This is a nature lovers paradise. While there are plenty of activities to do, this can also be a relaxing do nothing holiday.

The road out of Bangalore towards Bheemeshwari is prone to traffic. It would be best to start early in the day. Also, the roads closer to the lodge are rugged and would slow you down. Enjoy the scenery and being in the middle of nowhere.


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