Setting: On a riverbank with thick forests and wildlife around.

Visited - Feb 2017
Galibore jungle lodges offers a wonderful riverbank-nature-wildlife combo. Gali-Bore roughly means windy slopes, and there is plenty of that here. With you on this side of the river bank and a thick hilly forest on the other side of the river bank, the location is very similar to Bheemeshwari, except that crocodile spotting was much higher. This is a Nature camp.

The landscape is strikingly different at different times of the year. Feb-March is low water season with rocks exposed, that you would never get to see if you go in season (with good water flow that is). I personally like the off season as there is more to see and observe when the water flow is low.


Moving Around: Foot!
Roughly 110 Kms from Bangalore. This location is very close to Sangam, the confluence of rivers Cauvery and Arkavathy. Can take 3.5+Hours due to traffic and rugged access road conditions. No good road signs. The final 20Kms from Sangam is extremely rugged and your vehicle will take a hit. You will have to travel at a low speed and this section can take up to 1 hour, depending on your vehicle and weather conditions. You will be wondering if you are in the right path all along, or just wandering lost in the forest! When you get to the camp you will be rewarded and realize it is worth the effort.
Amazing forest and River landscapes, Huge native trees, Wildlife (Crocodiles, Deer, Elephants, Jackals, Wild Boar, Birds, Fishes)  

Coracle rides, Trekking, Whitewater rafting (July-Nov, post monsoons only).      
My experience is from the stay in the Galibore Jungle Lodges. I am not aware of other options, but even if there are others, I strongly recommend the Jungle Lodges. Awesome accommodation, sumptuous food and extremely courteous staff - something to expect in any of the JLR properties. The Barbecue and Bonfire by the river bank is a thrilling and fun experience. Wild Boars will try to join your party, but the JLR staff are good at spotting and keeping them away.


Know before you go:

This is a nature lovers paradise and more suited for a quite relaxing connection with nature. If adventure and activities excites you, it is best to head to Bheemeshwari, which is further upstream in a very similar setting as Galibore.

The road out of Bangalore towards Galibore is prone to traffic. It would be best to start early in the day. The last 20Kms access to the lodge is highly rugged.

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