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Ramanagara is home to the Sholay Hills. The popular Bollywood movie was shot here, though the exact hill/rocks etc. are not accessible. One of the hills that can be hiked up to has a Ram temple. The hill is called Ramdevara Betta.

Getting atop this hill involves 2 parts. First, take the 250+ steps to the temple. From here you take a slightly rugged path to get behind the temple and climb atop the rocky hill. The hill has well carved steps and good railings. This is a moderately difficult climb and looks scarier than it actually is.

There are wonderful views from all directions, including the view of the Ramanagara town. Go here for the interesting rock formations. The location is best visited early hours of the day. If you can start the initial climb before 7AM, that would be best.

Roads are narrow and unmarked. Villagers are helpful in directing you to the checkpost/entry point.


Know before your go:

  • The hill to climb is Ramdevara Betta
  • No food or water available
  • Toilet facilities available in the temple area
  • After reaching the temple point, continue on to the second part that takes you to the top
  • This climb does not require any special rock climbing expertise
  • Can be combined with Big Banyan Tree or other nearby locations for a half or full day trip

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