Kolar-Avani Ramalingeshwara Temple

Visited - multiple, recent Jan 2017

The Ramalingeshwara temple is a nice location close to Bengaluru city.  The site seems to be a hodge-podge of  shrines for many legendary characters from Hindu mythology Ramayana.  It boasts to be the only place where Rama’s three brothers have a shrine to themselves.


Ancient inscriptions are found on temple walls, believed to date back to 400 AD. Ceiling sculpture is also interesting.


There is also a tomb behind the temple of a sage that lived here.

Legend aside, the stone architecture is quite a sight for both a common man and well trained historians. The place is extremely serene and relaxing. It is a good break from the city. No good signs and bad roads should not deter you from going.

It is also believed that the Valmiki Ashram where Lava-Kusha were born is on the hill near this temple. Trekking this hill is a wonderful experience and is a must – closer to sunrise or sunset. The rocky path is barren and gets harder to climb when it gets hot. There is a sita temple at the top.

Know before you go:

  • About a 6Km patch of bad roads once you branch off the highway
  • No Food or Beverages available
  • No guides
Can be combined with other Kolar area temples - Kolaramma, Someshwara, Kurudumale, Kotilingeshwara

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