Dud in Dudhsagar

I am talking about my plan and fortune, and not the locations. Having developed this massive interest to see Dudhsagar falls in monsoon, Goa was my chosen base camp. I might have ruined what a typical picture Goa would have painted on my travel buddies’ minds.  I brought them to breathe in rain and more rain…that’s Goa in July. I was hopeful that the view of the falls will erase the gloomy Goa situation, but the plan turned out to be a big Dud.

I had read reviews and trip updates from so many people that had the fortune of seeing the falls up close and in connection with nature. By the time I could gear my trip up, the traditional railroute trekking options were closed. Also, in the monsoon season, the route to visit the base of the dudhsagar falls is closed as there are many stream crossings that get dangerous. We could still see it from a train passing via the falls, but no trek, walk or stop at the location. Nevertheless, I was hopeful of a magical sight.

On a rainy morning, we boarded the train from Madgaon to Castle Rock. You have to be seated in non AC to see anything, so we get in braving everything. With warm parottas from the station as our only food we started the journey not knowing what to expect. After getting assurance from our ticket inspector that the view is worth it, we stayed alert at every turn and greenery hoping to spot the white in the green. Slowly we saw the compartment door areas getting packed with people. There were a few occupying the prime standing spots at the door, with professional cameras in hand. We were told we would get 2 views, one view from far and one when the train passes right under the falls. When the train neared the first view, at the most unexpected moment, I heard all the oohs and aahs. I went crazy not able to see or capture it from my seat window and ran towards the door and got a spot to lean over someone and look out the door. There was nothing to see. The first view was gone. Before I could recoup from that disappointment, there went the screams again of oohs and aahs…yup, we were under the falls at the second view and rapidly moving away from it. Really train…this is the place you want to go speeding?

A magical sight I got, a little spray too, but for a split second. The taunting taste left me hungrier than before if anything. No doubt, this trip was a Dud for me, but hope to return for more of the magnificence!

And yes, you need to see the only picture I got by slipping my phone into a web of people at the door 🙂

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