Hunnurgad Fort

A  beautiful fort with a  even more beautiful view.

Visited - July 2017

This was only a maybe destination on my list when I visited Gokak Falls near Belgaum. But when I got there it was clear it should have been on the must see list. It is hard to locate and many people are unaware of such a location, but google is :). To add to the confusion, there are multiple places in the vicinity with similar sounding names, Honnur, Hunnur, Konnur etc. We first got sent by a local person in the wrong direction, but thanks to google we quickly course corrected.

Upstream from Gokak falls is Hidkal dam. Further up the reservoir of Hidkal dam lies Hunnurgad fort on a small hill.

Not sure of the history behind this fort, but keeping an eye over the region which is now under the reservoir could be one. The remnants of the fort is minimal, but the original fort itself could not have been much bigger, based on the size of the hill.

There is a IB (Government Guest House) at the base of this hill. It is best to seek permission from the authorities here before going up the hill. As the fort is in dilapidated condition, risks include dangerous falls and snakes.

I did not get into the fort, but settled for a upclose outer fort boundary view and an amazing view of the Hidkal reservoir. When water level is low, one can see the submerged structures that existed before the construction of the dam.

Know before you go:

  • Not a popular tourist destination.
  • Beware of the similar sounding names when asking for direction.
  • Combine with Gokak Falls visit.
  • Take permission from authorities at the base of the fort before climbing up.
  • No basic facilities exist.
  • Expect to spend about 30 minutes to an hour for a simple visit.
  • Go there for the amazing views, awesome breeze and enchanting fort remnants.

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