Yellur-Rajhansgad Fort

Visited - July 2017

Around 20 Kms from Belgaum aka Belagavi. The fort was a minor stop on my Belgaum and surrounding itinerary, but turned out to be very fascinating. Beautiful views and a majestic structure combined, make it a very worthwhile site to visit. I was told that the scene changes completely in dry months and I suspect it may not be as enjoyable as it was in the monsoons.

The approach road is through the village of Rajhansgad. Being close to the state border, in most Belgaum villages you can see an influence of both Karnataka and Maharashtra. Surrounded by green paddy fields, the village and surrounding was very picturesque. The fort offered magnificent views of the same.

In some sites I found it was mentioned that there is no road access up the hill on which the fort is located. But that information is either incorrect or outdated. There is a very nice road access to almost the fort entrance.

At the top of the hill is a decent parking lot, with a view of course!

With a main entry way this magnificent, who can not like this fort?


Once inside, it has all typical elements of a Fort – a well, temple, watch tower/walls, tunnels and views!


The numerous photo op presented by this location and all elements of a Fort blended with monsoon magic, makes it a special destination. A must visit near Belagavi aka Belgaum.

Know before you go:

  • Located 20 Kms from Belagavi aka Belgaum, near Rajhansgad village.
  • Also known as Yellur Fort.
  • No food or other basic facilities.
  • Views are plenty nice, but only during monsoon. Expect a dry and bare look otherwise.

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