Sural Falls

Visited - July 2017

Located in the Karnataka Goa border. Falls viewpoint exists in Goa. Entry via Madei wildlife sanctuary, under Goa forest department.

There are more adventurous way of getting to this falls, known and unknown routes. Seen trekking options from Kalsa village and also heard from our guide that there is a 8 hour moderate to hard trek route to the falls. I settled for the drive up to the parking lot near the view point route.

The railing is the viewpoint. The walkway to the viewpoint was of an interesting formation of rocky ground covered with monsoon moss.

I slowly savored the walk. As I got closer to the viewpoint, I heard exciting ahs and oohs. I rushed in to get this view…

The view that folks ahead of me got was completely covered with mist in just a few seconds before I could rush. Well, patience is key when you are amidst misty mountains waiting to spot a waterfall. Been there done that several times before, so I enjoyed the mist and rain waiting for the next clearing.

After strong tests of my eyesight and patience, a welcome sight appeared from within the mist.

A milky white drop, nestled in thick green carpet of mountains, with the mist brushing your face…worth all the tests and wait! The accompanying loud roar of the water which was so far, felt so close.

My phone camera could do no justice in capturing this magnificence. Returning to this place for a longer duration of mesmerized me, is now on my wishlist.


Know before you go:

  • Also known as Surla falls. Not the same as Tambdi Surla.
  • One of the routes to get to this falls is by road, from Belgaum to Goa via Jamboti and Kankumbi.
  • It is best done as a day trip from Belgaum or nearby regions.
  • Trekking routes are available. Ensure forest department permission. Many close during monsoons when conditions are unfavorable.
  • Easy access to falls viewpoint is through the Madei wildlife sanctuary.
  • Bring your own refreshments. None available in the vicinity.
  • As you get close to the Madei wildlife sanctuary, there is a resort called Delta. It supposedly offers eco lodging and activities including guided trekking. While I did not use the services of this resort, it seems to be the only option if you would like to make visiting Sural bigger than a quick day trip.

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