Tambdi Surla

Offbeat Goa!

Visited July 2016
This is a wonderful destination for Trek and Waterfall enthusiasts. Most organized treks to this location begin in the eco friendly resort - Nature's Nest, Goa. From here one can get to Tambdi Surla Mahadev Temple by a vehicle. The trek starts after a quick visit to the Mahadev temple.

The temple believed to be built in the 13th century, is very picturesque set amidst green forest and hilly landscape. Our guide did not have much on the history of this temple and no other guides were available. The main agenda for the day was the trek to Tambdi Surla waterfalls, so we moved on.

The waterfall trek is roughly 2 hours each way, covering 4 Kms each way in distance. The trek is through dense and untouched forest, gushing streams and slopes. The guide mentioned leaches and snakes, and that was the beginning of an adventurous trek. We did see a snake crossing as we neared the waterfall. Surprisingly, despite the thick overgrowth, we got rained on heavily, making the trek even more exciting. It got harder to keep our basic mobile/camera safe, so could not capture more of the trek experience.

It is a beauty to be sweating profusely, when you are getting rained on, and surrounded by greenery and water! That's the kind of trek this was. Lots of panting and puffing, scary and slippery crossings finally lead you to the view of the waterfall that truly makes you breathless. From the first view point, you have to take a slippery slope down to get to the base of the falls.


As you admire the falls further, you can notice countless tiny streams forming the falls and the structure is truly amazing. This is one place you would not want to return from. And no, the strenuous trek doesn't even cross your mind. What a place to be and what a peace to feel...just absorb every moment and savor it!!

Surla, Sacordem is where the Tambdi Surla visit begins. This is 60 Kms from most coastal locations in Goa, heading east (towards Karnataka).

Getting there by personal transportation or hired cabs is the first choice.

Bus facility exists to Mollem and pickup option can be explored with the resort/tour operator you go with.
Tambdi Surla Mahadev Temple

Tambdi Surla Waterfall

Trek to Tambdi Surla waterfalls

Adventure Activities at the resort - zipline, rock climbing (Basic and nothing too fancy)

Several other treks and safari options available. Check with the tour operator/Resort you go with. The famous Dudhsagar waterfall is only 10Kms from here.
Nature's Nest is a eco friendly resort offering a variety of packages with stay. This would be a good option if you intend to cover other treks or safaris in the area over a multi day itinerary.

If this is a day trip, head back to your location in Goa.

Know before you go:

  • Roughly 60 KMs from most coastal locations in Goa. Nearest bus station in Mollem
  • Organized treks being offered by many operators in collaboration with a local eco friendly resort
  • Can be done as a day trip and also as a multi day itinerary covering other locations
  • Trek is moderate difficulty, 2 hours each way

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