Godchinamalki Falls

A cascading waterfall with scenic surrounding!

Visited - July 2017

I am writing this with bittersweet excitement. I had fallen in love with the falls from various web reads and it was so exciting to finally be there. While the cascades, boulders and design of nature was stunning, the water wasn’t quite that. It was not just the quantity, but the quality that got me sad. The color and stench in some sections portrayed a poor situation. Added to it were snack vendors enabling easy littering. The easy access to the falls seems to bring additional footfall. In short, it is a must visit, but it is also a place that is on the must list for ‘attention soon else destroyed forever’.

The walk from the parking lot is very comfortable and doable for elderly folks as well.


Snack vendors line the walkway. Some interesting eco friendly items, but others not so :(.

There are 2 sections to the falls. The first stop is the beginning of the cascades.

From here the walk to the second stop is a difficult walk among boulders and rocks.

This location gives the beautiful view of the final drop of the cascades and also a very scenic surrounding with nature designed rocks. Really amazing!



Know before you go:

  • 70Kms from Belgaum, very close to the other popular Gokak falls
  • 1Km walk on beaten path each way from parking lot
  • Go here for the amazing rock formations as much as the falls itself
  • No toilets, small snack shops with drinking water

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