Magod Falls

Visited - September 2017

I went to this falls with minimal expectations. There were many reasons not to go, bad roads, mist dependent view and seasonal water, to name a few. September is post monsoon season and water level is expected to be high, so I had higher hopes. Even though the locals at the nearest town of Yellapur mildly discouraged it, I decided to go. I love it when such decisions turn up so rewarding. Simply amazing falls. Scenic location, easy access viewpoints, friendly monkeys…what’s not to love about this place. As always with waterfalls, I needed more time than was there, but loved every second of it.



It is roughly 16 Kms from Yellapur. Most of that stretch was laden with potholes, so driving time could vary from 30 mins to an hour. It is still motorable…saw a variety of cars making it – Small cars, autos, tempo travelers and SUVs. Just need to take it slow and be ready for some wear on the vehicles. The main turn from Yellapur into the Magod falls road is well marked, but beyond that all you get is sign boards in kannada. If you cannot read Kannada or Telugu script, be careful not to take the wrong turn. As you pass through this forest road, there are many crossroads and paths. This is the same route to Jenukallugudda as well.

From the Magod Falls parking lot,  the falls main view point is close.

There are multiple viewpoints that can be accessed via steps. Depending on mist conditions, some viewpoints may be rendered pointless.



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