Visited - FEB 2018


A southern hemisphere volcanic island in the Indian Ocean, that is part of African continent. Isn't that exciting in itself?

The approach to landing was a disappointment to what I had in mind. Having enjoyed the landing in Andaman and Maldives, I had my camera ready to film a tropical paradise from above. However, I was in for a surprise, with both cloud cover and not that impressive sea views. Later I realized the beauty of the island is not only in its beaches and shoreline, but in the extremely captivating volcanic mountains. The airport is surrounded by these beauties and you are welcomed on landing by the mountains more than the ocean.

Roughly 45 by 65Kms and 330Kms of coastline, it is well connected by roads all around. After my trip I realized it is best if you can split the location of stay rather than staying in one place and trying to cover the entire island.

4-5 night itinerary would help cover the highlights of the island. It is a mix of mountains, beaches, sugarcane plantations and Indian origin people with differently spelled Indian names, speaking French and Creole in addition to english. It was an experience like no other.

Can travel around with tour operators, or rent your car and drive around. Renting a car is convenient and cheaper mode of transport, as long as you can handle steering wheel on right.
India and South Africa seem to be popular destinations to travel from with respect to connections, but there were a lot of European travellers as well.

From India (Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru)- Air Mauritius-Air India alliance 5.5-6 Hrs travel time approx. (As of FEB 2018.)

Most countries require no visa including Indian and US passport holders.

Chamarel Coloured earth

Chamarel Waterfalls

Black Gorges view point

Alexandra Falls

Grand Bassin

Tamarind Waterfalls

Port Louis


Sugarcane fields


Tropical Trees


Festivals – Maha Shivrathri and Thai Poosam

  • Ocean activities…parasailing, sea walk, glass bottom boat, water scooter, sea kart, Snorkel, Scuba
  • Beaches
  • Treks and Trails
  • Waterfalls
  • Land adventure
  • Helicopter tours
As much as it is a great place for activities, it is a wonderful place to just be. A tiny dot in the vast Indian ocean inspires you to just be! The 330Kms of coastline and wonderful mountainous interior give you a great relaxation paradise. While I tried to do some excursions, I observed many tourists who were there to just lay on the beach and never moved out of their resort for their entire vacation. Bottomline, Mauritius caters to you no matter what!

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