A page devoted to the wonderful city that makes a Galore of Whiz-Bang travels possible!

Being the central point for many of my recent travels, I cannot say how impressed I am with the wonderful city of Bengaluru aka Bangalore. Whether it is road trips, flying domestic or international, the convenience is unmatched. Train connections are not bad either, but not the best option normally.

I will use this section to compile the various road trip options from Bangalore. One look at the maps and you will know how well placed this lovely city is, well connected by road to most locations in all of the southern states. Equally accessible is Pondicherry and Goa, 2 major beach destinations. Now, heading out of the city to get to the highways is a pain, but that is a small price to pay compared to the road trip benefits reaped.

With that kind of connectivity comes the confusion. For example, you may start off with a 2 night trip plan, and get tempted with everything else around or on the way…extending the trip works, else simply plan additional visits for another time. With the number of things to see and do in roadtrip friendly distances, you simply cannot take the approach of ‘let me cover everything in this zone’.  Specifically, destinations via Mysore and via Hassan are way too many. I find myself frequenting these routes, and it only gets better every time.


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